Kensington Fire Rescue encourages you to locate your extra batteries and learn how to store them properly.

In July, a fire broke out in a kitchen “junk” drawer which the resident stated she had just cleaned and organized. The fire produced smoke throughout the first floor of the home. In the drawer were spare keys, a cigarette lighter, paper clips, eye glass cleaner, and some batteries in a
baggie along with everything else that you find in a “junk” drawer.

The local fire department determined the cause of the fire to be from a 9 volt battery stored in the same baggie with other batteries. The 9 volt battery rubbed against another battery and ignited the fire. In the homeowner’s words, “We were fortunate not have been away for the

A 9 volt battery is a fire hazard because the positive and negative posts are on top, right next to one another. If the ends come in contact with anything metal i.e. aluminum foil, steel wool, paper clip, other batteries, etc. this may cause the object to heat up and ignite a fire.

To properly store 9 volt batteries, keep them in the original packaging or keep ends covered. For disposal, make sure that the positive and negative posts are safely wrapped in electrical tape.

Remember to check your smoke alarms each month to ensure your family has the early warning to get out safely if a fire should occur in your home.

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Howard P Dolan
11/21/2012 23:00

First, i thank the KFD for giving a great report here about how curtain things that get tossed in a simple "junk draw" which included a simple 9 volt battery in connection with certain items listed above, was the cause of a kitchen fire.
I commend the department to put in detail how simple items in a draw could ignite a fire. Be careful!
Second, is about myself. My name is Howard P Dolan. My age is 45. I've been a resident of Exeter for 12 years since the marriage of my lovely wife Tami (Desrosiers). Early November, we made the move to Tami's grandparents home on South Rd. who both passed away in the past two years with Les passing last July.
I have made a commitment to join the KFD as a Basic EMT.
I have 18 years of experience in the medical field that includes 1 year of collage with medical as a major. Took and completed a CNA course back in 1994 and worked for the MV VNA for 5 years. Then i moved on to Home Medical Equipment and worked for 5years with Davco Home Medical in Haverhill Mass as a Service tech. Since then, i have been working in Manchester NH under the Elliot Hospital for "Home Medical Equipment" as a service tech which includes: DME,02,Nebulizers,Suction Machines and Humidification for folks on trachs.
I'm currently not trained as a Basic Level EMT. My program will start on January 8th 2013 and run thru April 23rd. with New England EMS Institute with the Elliot hospital paying my tuition!
In the mean time, i will make my best attempts to "ride along" with the EMT's and watch, listen and learn from our department personal and officers.
I thank Chief LeBlanc and FF Dan Barrette in helping me take my first steps. I also thank the Town selectmen and office staff for being so friendly and hard working.
I look forward to meeting members of all town departments and it's my hope to help my fellow neighbors in a time of need.

Thank you all and God bless.


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